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Lamplight Artistry was founded in Sh'vat 5769 (Febuary of 2009) by J...

The philosophy and vision of J... with Lamplight Artistry can best be described as a "Jewmish" (Jewish/Amish) approach to life, in practice and principle. This, however, isn't entirely accurate, as the Amish have begun embracing powered machinery on one level or another. The hypocricy of using this website aside for the time being, J... completely rejects and abhors the supposed "progress" of civilization as we know it, and believes in a much simpler path, as proposed in the Tanakh (gospels and epistles not excluded).

That being said, all products found on this site and through this company are at least 50% hand made, though J... strives for and encourages 100% hand made crafts. Not to mention, J... quite literally works by lamp light, and thus the name.

The artisans (whose crafts you will find here as well) are expressedly Christian, Jewish, Messianic Jewish, Amish, Judaeo Christian, what have you, with a firm faith in the foundation of the Word of YHVH EL SHADDAI and YEHOSHUA HA'MOSHIACH.

All items are furthermore made in the USA, though this is strictly due to the cost of import, and not a pledge of allegiance. J... pledges allegiance to the Kingdom of Heaven, with YEHOSHUA HA'MOSHIACH as the King, and looks forward to the day that kingdom comes, with ABA's will being done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Lastly, J... would like to apologize that he must humbly demand exchange of his items for money. He recognizes that you can not serve two masters, you will serve one and reject the other. This society, however, demands money to survive. So until such a time as the Kingdom of Heaven comes, J... appreciates what you can offer to help him survive, and meet his current goals, by todays standards. Those being at present, to wed his fiancee', start a farm, and evangelise by example, harvesting souls for the glory of YHVH.

Thank you, and YHVH bless you and keep you...